Not too long ago, while planning a trip to The Serpent Mound, one of us (neither will fess up to it) proposed the idea of trying to visit all of The Ohio Historical Markers during one calendar year. This is clearly a silly idea in that one calendar year is not enough time to visit roughly 1,500 markers with our unpredictable schedules. So the plan became to visit all of the markers in as an expedient time frame as possible. But with so many markers, this may take a while.

The Ohio Historical Markers program, begun in the 1950s, encompasses over 1,500 unique markers that tell the state’s history as written by its communities. Markers are erected by local community sponsors in partnership with the Ohio History Connection and describe the people, places, things, and events of Ohio’s past. Between 20 and 30 new markers are completed each year. (Ohio History Connection)

According to Remarkable Ohio (the database the Ohio History Connection links to) there are 1,465 markers, hence the name. We are currently using this database for our primary source of information, being that it is the most complete list available to us at the moment.

Being two Ohio natives, we realized that this project is a great way to get to know our wonderful state beyond the few generalizations we all tend to make about it (picking presidents and college sports). We feel Ohio has a lot to tell, and hope to touch on it’s rich past with this blog. Not only will this blog will serve as our travel diary as we attempt this epic quest, we also hope to provide reference material such as: locations, history, awesome dive bars, etc. about the markers and the communities they record and are located in. Truth be told, we are really just suckers for a seemingly pointless roadtrip.

To make this blog easier to understand, we have decided to try and maintain a similar format for all of the subsequent posts. It will begin with an introduction (duh) to the county or markers visited. This intro will also contain links to a google map displaying the approximate location of the markers and to Remarkable Ohio’s county page the post covers.

A note about labeling and numbering; in this blog the markers will either be referred to by their title or their numbering (e.g. 3-15) as they appear on the markers themselves. Though we are primarily relying on Remarkableohio.com as our database, there will be a few differences and inconsistencies with their site. On the maps we post the markers will also be labeled with roman numerals to denote the order they were visited in.

The body of the post will be a log of our outing sprinkled with bits of history on some sites. For expedient’s sake, we cannot write a history on each and every one, but anyone interested may contact us and we will be happy to share any unpublished information or links we may have. Instagram and Facebook will be used as our primary photo galleries, and will contain the majority of our photographic content.

The last part of the post will be a conclusion, or rather a chance to reflect, meditate, consult our guru, and give our impressions of a given area’s history or present state. Below the conclusion there will be a list of links to such things as: the map, remarkableohio’s county page, businesses/organizations mentioned in the post, etc.

Please bear with us early on as content may be slow on getting out. As we write this, we have already visited 3 dozen sites and had a blast doing it (yes, we’re that dorky), we hope you enjoy following along with us! It’s going to be legen…wait for it….

If anyone has additional information on any historical markers in Ohio, or any inaccuracies in our blog do not hesitate to contact us at: 1465orbust@gmail.com.